I just like dnd

I'm twins with Sonic the Hedgehog

it me
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Talking in the tent

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Thank you guys so much for 100 followers!! It means a ton to me <33


To celebrate, I am hosting a small art raffle! YOU MUST BE FOLLOWING ME TO ENTER! New followers are welcome :)


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The winner of the raffle will receive one painted headshot of a character of their choosing! This will need to follow my commission guidelines, but OCs are totally welcome!


Thanks again for 100 followers, and here's to many more!!! :D

it's so hard sometimes not to feel too old to join new communities and make new friends

me, after having watched some of netflix witcher, looking at a pic of in game geralt: that's not geralt

sly cooper is kind of a bitch huh. kind of keeps verbally shoving his nerd friend in a locker? chill out sly

oh yeah I should mention I can generate some codes for anyone who wants to take a poke around pillowfort for whatever reason

aha. hahaha the pen is just broken again. again! three pens, all broken. at least huion has put up a rechargable pen since last time I replaced them so maybe this can stop happening

hello mr thell please hire me to work on your web site. I am very skilled at being on the computer every day and can code simple call and response commands in python for discord bots. additionally my broad skillset includes reading approximately fifty words of german, excellent viewing images skills, and a high tolerance for alcohol. for these reasons I would be a perfect fit for your team

dreams are just your own body's organic home grown vr

the battery in my tablet pen decided it was time to explode and I don't have any other batteries!! I'm so tired of this pen clowning on me. I dream of the day I can throw this bastard pen in the trash where it belongs

hey yall I made aden @decadencethief start being active at watergunpoint so please say howdy and also be nice & tell them their game is cool (I promise it is but you just have to take my word for it right now)

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purple mountain sunset

oil on canvas

2x2 inches

you can actually make a brown sugar adjacent by mixing equal amounts sugar and molasses, but it has a little deeper taste to it that tbh has enhanced my pumpkin pies like 1000%

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(I'm super disapointed, the masking tape I used ripped the paper on the side :S )

me trying to figure out how to make my fucking code work

1 note

please don't mistake me for "good at coding" but I did build up a little bot just for us to fuck around with our dnd characters for our private friend server and then suffered through trying to get all the modules I needed installed on a linux os so the bot doesn't need to go to sleep when I do. I did accomplish one (1) thing today

u either hyperfocus on coding or u don't code at all

making a discord bot that's not just a bunch of joke commands? never met her

new feature unlocked:

1 note

there's exactly one person on any given website that thought cats (2019) was good actually. it's me

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would anyone have use for a bot that let you fill in characters and scenarios for your own custom ship generator? might do it regardless since it's not far off from what I've already figured out how to do and it would be neat to have a complete project out there

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first roadbump discovered and boyo is it a big one

I learned some python for botting without knowing it doesn't support persistent variables and I can't understand the documentation for the modules that cover for it